Action Plan

Our acquisition integration playbook is designed to help management teams execute on the strategy without burdening them with post-deal minutia. 

Explore our acquisition integration project management initiatives below.

Value Enhancement Plan Implementation

Program managing the value enhancement plan:

  • Establish an accountable action plan to achieve the thesis
  • Address fatigue impacts on performance.
  • Support management to focus on performance
  • Drive efficiency, synergy and savings programs
  • Drive value planning with or without the full management team in place

KPI Development

  • Determine achievable performance-level metrics that drive high-level objectives
  • Deep-dive analysis to identify the right data points that contribute to performance
  • Repeatable analyses and data sourcing for consistency and accuracy
KPI Development

Working Capital Tracking

  • Inform the value of conveyed working capital
  • Accumulate supporting documentation for potential litigation
  • Prepare defensible position of subjective working capital values:
    • Accruals
    • Reserves
    • Estimates
  • Collect every dollar of unconverted working capital


in cash
collected to date
Net Working Capital Tracking A

Financial Close Stabilization

Enhance control, accuracy, and timeliness of the financial close by establishing a task-by-task close calendar.

  • Task accountability
  • Establish timeline and cadence
Financial Close Stabilization

IT Planning

Outline the organization’s IT infrastructure, including applications, support, hosting, and integrations.

  • Current state and future state IT infrastructure alignment
  • System transition planning
  • Data mapping
  • Module and system integrations
  • Support planning
IT Planning

Workforce Plan & Roadmap

Gain a deeper understanding of the workforce’s responsibilities, capacity, and redundancies and establish:

  • Current state and future state workforce alignment
  • Retention, severance, and termination planning
  • Hiring planning
  • Training planning
  • Notification and transition documentation
Workforce Roadmap

Board Reporting Implementation

Develop reporting materials and processes to meet functional, executive, bank and board reporting objectives.

  • Identify objectives from audiences
  • Identify abilities to report at required levels
  • Establish process to achieve reporting
  • Test reporting and standardize process to reporting
Board Reporting

Integration Execution

Platform Integration 

Implement structured plan to:

  • Stabilize the platform
  • Implement execution programs
  • Inform strategy at multiple levels 
  • Enhance the platform for tuck-ins
  • Recover all available working capital

Tuck-In Integration

Implement structured processes to:

  • Implement financial reporting process
  • Efficiently integrate into performance management
  • Efficiently integrate into platform systems
  • Realize synergies identified in deal thesis
Integration Execution

How We Serve 90-Day Post-Acquisition Plans

Consulting resources that fit into your organizational structure & align with your management style.



  • Assess Objectives
  • Assume Responsibilities
  • Implement Desired Improvements
  • Transition Knowledge & Responsibilities


  • High-Performing Tactical Team Members
  • Assume Responsibilities & Improve Performance
  • Develop Transition Documentation
Project and Interim



  • Assess Project Objectives
  • Develop Execution Plans
  • Manage Execution & Support Team Members


  • Specific Project Expertise & Capabilities
  • Flexible Resourcing Timelines
  • Accelerate & Catchup Execution