Casi Wheeler

Casi Wheeler

Director of Client Services

  • 11+ Years of Accounting Experience

    including extensive Public Accounting experience

  • Accounting Clean Up Expertise

    cleaning up and reviewing financials for tax preparation and quarterly tax calculations

  • Tax Return Preparation & Review

    including individual income tax returns, corporate returns, partnership tax returns, sales tax returns, and Texas franchise returns



  • Reviewed monthly reoccurring accounting books, helped record transactions to books and prepared monthly statements which included actual to forecasted numbers.
  • Trained staff and seniors on tax returns, how to reconcile books and how to tie out retained earnings back to the tax return.
  • Reviewed and prepared quarterly tax calculation for clients and extension tax calculation for any taxes that will be owed at tax filing deadline.
  • Filed monthly sales tax reports
  • Collected over $100k in past-due Accounts receivable
  • Assisted in implementing a new medical software to better improve scheduling and collections processes.
  • Prepared weekly budget report for CFO & CEO
  • Reviewed monthly Accounts Payable transactions, reconciled the books monthly.
  • Trained the front office on how to use new scheduling software and how to record cash and credit card sales correctly.


  • Enabled Clients to take additional tax credits to help lower their taxable income.
  • Trained clients to use their accounting software more efficiently and produce financials for tax preparation and estimated tax calculations.
  • Helped clients get ready for IRS audits and proved revenue and expenses were accurate to what was filed on the tax return.
  • Reviewed the financials for a Private Equity company with 20 + intercompany entities. Tied out K-1s to capital accounts since books were tax basis for each entity.
  • Reviewed and prepared complex partnership returns with extensive basis calculations, worked on 1031 exchanges, and reviewed Operating agreements