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Managerial Benefits of Role Transitioning

BusinessInterim Management / 31 Jul, 2020

VIP’s Role Transitioning service is designed to reduce underutilization, turnover, and up-to-speed time by providing incoming resources and managers with a roadmap that outlines the responsibilities of a given role. Managers that utilize role transitioning benefit from informed management and reduced risk associated with bringing on a new resource.

Informed Management

During nearly every review debrief on our role transitioning service, our hiring manager sponsors voice an elevated interest in the analyses we prepare on each of the roles we document.

Role-based tasking documentation is commonly understood as a narrative. Our role transitioning service considers this tasking to be data, with dimensions that can be analyzed to better understand the consumption of man hours by task, function, complexity and risk. This visibility interests even the most detailed of managers and commonly leads to realignment of responsibilities in the organization to add efficiency to the role.

Reduced Risk

The most basic risk when hiring is that your new hire will not be able to perform the require responsibilities. That risk manifests itself as a longer-than-desired ramp up cycle, attrition, or, in the worst-case scenario, termination. Our incoming resource roadmaps mitigate those risks by:

  1. Defining tasks required to achieve success in their new role
  2. Defining a training framework
  3. Defining objectives and priorities

Our role transitioning documentation allows managers to fully optimize a resource and supplies a new hire with exactly what they need to do to be considered successful in their new role. Interested in learning more about VIP’s Role Transitioning approach? View examples below, or reach out to our team to discuss how this service can benefit your organization.

Role Transitioning Example Documents

Click below to explore example documents from VIP Solutions.


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