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Networking Tips for Accounting and Finance Professionals

Job Seekers / 14 Oct, 2019

Networking can bring you new opportunities, new friends and new perspectives. As an accounting & finance professional, your network can help boost your professional growth and strengthen your technical skills. We’ve built mutually beneficial relationships with clients and candidates, expanding our network across multiple industries. Here’s how you can do the same.

Join Networking Groups

Do a quick Google search for “networking groups near me” and you’ll find a plethora of groups to join, each with a different focus or niche. You can use tools like Meetup to further refine your search and use the platform to create a group of your own. As a group of finance and accounting recruiting and consulting professionals, we’ve attended several networking events in order to build new relationships. Here are a few of our favorites:

Network Online

Can’t get away from the office? Not to worry – another way you can build your network is through online platforms. If you’re a LinkedIn member, you can request to join groups in your industry that have similar interests, questions and ideas. To find these, click “Groups” in the LinkedIn search bar and search for keywords in your specific industry. You can also find groups in your area by including your city in your search query.

If you do attend in-person networking events, be sure to connect with those you met at the event online. Whether it be a LinkedIn request or a quick email, remember to follow up. You’ll nurture your new relationship by engaging in conversation and enabling further communication in the future.

Connect People in Your Network

You can grow your professional network by enabling and facilitating networking between others. Connect people you know that have similar interests or may have a mutually beneficial relationship. As a result, they’ll likely connect you with someone new in the future.

Practice Good Listening Skills

After attending a networking event, you’ll likely return to the office with a deck of business cards. It can be difficult to recall what conversations you had with each contact, so to strengthen your networking skills, listen carefully to each person you collect a card from. After they walk away, jot down notes or keywords on the back of their business card to remind you of that conversation. Then, when it comes time to connect on LinkedIn or reach out via email, you’ll be equipped with ice breaking notes to remind the card-giver of your interaction.

Whether you’re just beginning your career in an industry or seeking to grow your existing list of contacts, networking skills can open doors that will take you to the next level. Connect with VIP on LinkedIn and see where we’re networking next!