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PRESS RELEASE: VIP Welcomes Steve Hanson as Director of Consulting Solutions

VIP News / 9 Jul, 2019

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DALLAS, TX– July 9, 2019 – VIP welcomes Steve Hanson as Director of Consulting Solutions. Steve brings a wealth of knowledge in internal audit and controls to VIP clients gained from 25 years of accounting and audit expertise in helping companies improve controls while effectively mitigating risks.

“We are extremely excited to add Steve and his focus to our team. Steve brings a great enhancement to our core mission of helping our clients attract and retain key talent!  His risk management and control service remediates headaches that lead to turnover in our clients,” said Matt Edwards, Managing Director of VIP Solutions’ team.

“I’m excited to join the VIP team and do what I love to do, which is help people solve problems by being collaborative and innovative. I have held leadership roles in internal audit and accounting functions over various industries driving value through continuous improvement while meeting stakeholder expectations.  I look forward to helping VIP continue to grow the Solutions Group and drive future success!

“Our analysis of employee turnover indicates that changes in our client’s risk environments have created a significant amount of churn in internal audit and control functions.  We are excited to support our clients by providing accessible specialized skill and resource capacity to help them mitigate this burden on their talent,” said Mike Haynes, Partner of VIP.


About VIP

VIP was first launched in 2008 as a direct hire executive search firm capable of servicing small privately-owned companies to Fortune 500 companies. With the demand of additional services in 2010 and a highly skilled search team, we quickly added contract and contract-to-hire staffing to enhance our ability to provide excellence customer service to our clients. In 2017, we added our project management consulting division, creating our current holistic approach. These service lines allow us to be the go-to, one stop shop for our clients. We envisioned a better way of doing business and are continually building on that vision every day.


Mike Haynes