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Role Transitioning Benefits for Incoming Resources

EmployersInterim Management / 7 Aug, 2020

When a new resource is hired by a company, performance risk exists for both the company and the incoming employee. In many cases, the performance risk for the employee can be elevated by how their new employer prepares for them to assume responsibilities and supports their performance.

We have all experienced the “thrown to the wolves” scenario in some capacity throughout our careers. While that is the minority of new hire scenarios, we all know what its like to have to figure it out for ourselves.

Here in lies the risk for even the most qualified incoming employees. Most new hire situations have some element of unknown territory. VIP Solutions mitigates this risk and ensures new hires have clear expectations of what they need to do to be considered successful, all the way down to the task level. Do these tasks – you succeed; don’t do them – you fail.

Our role transitioning service provides this to incoming employees by:

1. Defining overriding goals and objectives of their new role

2. Laying out each task and the steps required to complete them

Role transitioning tasking

3. Identifying which responsibilities the employee needs to focus on to balance their time

Role transitioning capacity analysis

This role tasking roadmap provides comfort to incoming employees so that they clearly understand what is needed to be successful. That clarity accelerates up-to-speed time and growth cycles that are craved by incoming employees. That fulfillment, in turn, minimizes risk of attrition and stagnation, all while ensuring your organization is maximizing utilization of the new resource.

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