Role Transitioning



A controller, faced with the resignation of a key team member, was concerned that the soon-to-be vacant role would require an intensive training period for a new resource. The role’s tasking was not well understood and included complex analyses and interpretation to complete deliverables. Because the role was an integral function of the team, the controller needed a solution that provided a transfer of knowledge after the resource had exited.


VIP Solutions Case Study

Evaluate the tasking of the role


Facilitate a transfer of knowledge

VIP Solutions Case Study

Provide an understanding of the risk and complexity of the role's tasks


Provide a roadmap of tasking for an incoming resource


Role Transitioning Hours

Quantified hours needed to complete tasks.

Role Transitioning Complexity

Qualified risk & complexity to provide insight to managers.

VIP Solutions Case Study

Created capacity analysis to better understand utilization and ensure the balance of hours consumed achieves the baseline objectives of the role.


Developed roadmap deliverable that provides documented tasking for incoming resources. This documentation is reusable when turnover occurs.

VIP Solutions Case Study

Defined goals and objectives of a role within the deliverable to clearly define how an incoming resource achieves success.

Role Transitioning Examples