Controller Transition Services



Our Non-Profit client incurred turnover of key personnel in the Controller position. Realizing the opportunity to improve the efficiency and process of the team, our client sought our support to bridge and enhance the organization.


VIP Solutions Case Study

Assume the responsibilities of the controller position

VIP Solutions Case Study

Prepare close calendars and standardize the reconciliation process across all team members

VIP Solutions Case Study

Assess capabilities and responsibilities of team members to add efficiency

VIP Solutions Case Study

Mentor, transition & train growth resources to assume our duties


VIP Solutions Case Study

Full assumption of controller responsibilities

VIP Solutions Case Study

Developed close calendars and standard recurring reconciliation processes

System Transformation

Informed and worked to improve personnel and processes

VIP Solutions Case Study

Helped the organization to hire and train 2 new employees covering additional turnover

Enhanced the organization’s stability allowing for enhancement of personnel and processes.


VIP’s Project Status documents enabled an on-time delivery of project goals by outlining the timelines and status of tasks and objectives, keeping the client informed throughout the process.

Controller Transition Services Project Doc