Jason Lester

Jason Lester


  • 25 Years of Accounting & Finance Experience 

    with progressive experience and leadership within corporate finance and accounting, including treasury, financial planning & analysis and M&A

  • Experience in High Growth Company Environments 

    working with senior leadership and private equity sponsors to strategically plan and execute company growth plans, both organically and through acquisitions​

  • Strategic Planner and Forecaster With an Impact on Decision-Making​


  • Oversaw Treasury and FP&A function for a private equity owned logistics company.​
  • Responsible for encompassing cash management, budgeting, forecasting, planning and analysis, and risk management administration.​
  • Supported Omni’s corporate M&A initiatives to grow the business from $250M to $1.7B in annual revenue from $25M to 170M in adjusted EBITDA.
  • Cash and working capital management, forecasting, and evaluation of short-term debt requirements.
  • Assisted CFO with strategic financial planning related to long-term capital structuring.
  • Supported Nexstar’s M&A diligence and valuation efforts related to new acquisitions and post-close consolidations, resulting in revenue growth of $313M to $2.3B and increasing EBITDA from $42M to approximately $1B.
  • Cash flow valuation and analysis in the underwriting of potential investment opportunities to evaluate financial feasibility using Discounted Cash Flow, NPV, and IRR methods.
  • Worked with lenders and equity groups to secure financing terms for projects, oversee capital draw funding for projects as needed, and promote investor/lender relations.


  • Provided support for 8 different acquisition integrations at Omni Logistics from 2017 to 2021.
  • Planned and executed integration of banking operations for acquired companies globally.
  • Rolled out corporate budgeting and forecasting processes to newly acquired companies to common-size and consolidate with parent company.
  • Worked through insurance broker to ensure proper insurance coverage for newly acquired company assets and operations to align with corporate insurance program.
  • Omni – Developed a bottoms up budget and forecasting process where no such process previously existed.
  • Omni – Developed a cash reporting model to track cash position, liquidity, and to assess short-term financing needs when none previously existed.
  • Pathway – Developed cash forecasting, budgeting and reporting models and associated processes for Pathway Homes, where no such process previously existed, as the company was starting up business operations in the Single Family Home investment sector.