Risk Consulting



Program Readiness, Design & Implementation 
Assess current SOX environment & implement efficient program to meet SOX requirements

Program Optimization 
Collaborate with management to understand future goals & expectations to assess current SOX program & optimize for the future

Control Rationalization 
Assess current key control population to achieve optimal risk assurance while minimizing testing effort

Flexible Staffing Program Design & Support 
Assist internal audit management to develop formal Flexible Staffing Plan (FSP)

Program Co/Outsourcing 
Full-service program management or providing a team of resources to conduct SOX activities

Department Design & Optimization 
Collaborate with management to understand objectives & design & optimize internal audit activity to meet those objectives

Flexible Staffing Program Support 
Support testing as needed & assist IA management to develop Flexible Staffing Plan (FSP)

External Quality Assessment Reviews 
Conduct External Quality Assessment reviews to meet IIA Standards

Rotational / Guest Auditor Program Design 
Develop a rotational/guest auditor program using our role transitioning approach

IA Awareness 
Assist IA Management to assess & develop an awareness program to promote the value of internal audit throughout the organization

Internal Audit Training 
Provide onsite training from basis auditing techniques to emerging trends in Internal Audit

Investigative services aimed at identifying and confirming evidence to support the amount of fraudulent activity occurring in an organization.

Specialized audit services from IT General Control to IT Security to assure your organization’s IT risks are properly mitigated.

Enterprise Risk Management Design & Optimization 
Assess existing ERM program activities & identify & implement opportunities to achieve program optimization

Risk Assessment (Enterprise/IT/Fraud/etc.) 
Conduct various risk assessments to provide insights into risks & risk mitigation activities

Risk Mitigation Strategy Design & Implementation 
Assist risk management teams to understand risks & develop effective activities to adequately manage risks


Policy & Process Design & Documentation 
Assess documentation requirements & develop documentation & the processes for operationalizing those documents

Process Assessment & Optimization 
Assess current state & opportunities for optimizing processes while developing a roadmap to achieve desired state

Control Self Assessment (CSA) Program Design 
Develop program to allow managers to assess the effectiveness of controls

Control Assessment & Optimization 
Asses current state & identify opportunities for optimizing controls.  Develop a roadmap to achieve desired state

Control Deficiency Remediation 
Assist in the development and implementation of controls to remediate control deficiencies

Role Tasking 
Task by task documentation to roadmap responsibilities and transfer to incoming leadership

Capacity Analysis & Recommendations 
Analysis of tasks and roles to assess capacities and identify opportunities for efficiencies

SOX program design & implementation in preparation of going public.

Co-Develop Expectations 
Interview Internal Audit leadership to understand the awareness goals & objectives

Current State Assessment 
Understand the Internal Audit Department’s mission, planned activities, reports & current stakeholders

Awareness Plan Development 
Recommend awareness activities and develop a detailed implementation roadmap

Implementation & Operationalization 
Roll out awareness initiatives and embed them in the planned internal audit activities

We are certified in conducting an EQA of your IA department to determine compliance with the IIA Standards.

Project Leadership

Risk Case Studies