Ryan Thomas

Ryan Thomas


  • 10+ Years of Project Management Experience 

    with three years concentrated experience in business intelligence​

  • C-Suite Partner

    understanding macro and micro business processes, streamlining SOPs, and providing data to inform decision-making​

  • Advanced Systems Experience 

    including Tableau, Power BI, Power Query, Power Apps, SQL, and Python. Advanced Excel experience.​



  • Provided data-driven answers to questions posed by executives and C-Suite across all functions of the business​
  • Ran sales metrics to identify most used and most troubled products to pinpoint manufacturing faults​
  • Answered various problem statements from clients​
  • Ascertaining KPIs necessary for leadership to monitor health of various departments​
  • Learned department processes to accurately assess KPIs​
  • Identified information within CRM and ERP to report on KPIs​
  • Built BI tools, developed power apps, and established dashboard reporting​
  • Developed project schedules and oversaw EBIT per project, tracking vendor costs to maintain certain threshold
  • Full logistics and transit planning


  • Full integration and buildout of custom Power BI platform for business across all departments.
  • Built custom dashboard to report on revenue, margins, past-due accounts receivable, resource availability, and more
  • Certified as a Business Intelligence Data Analyst, with a deep understanding of connecting data platforms together in a program to produce dashboards
  • Built custom power app to allow for ordering of refurbished equipment from mobile phones while on repair calls to improve efficiencies