Ronald Maples


  • 30+ Years of Accounting & Client Service Experience

    providing actionable solutions and driving census in the complex world of accounting standards and financial reporting. 

  • System Implementation Expertise

    helping clients successfully merge the benefits of new software with the existing IT environment. 

  • Process Improvement Specialist 

    with a demonstrated ability to streamline processes and drive organizational efficiency. 



  • Provided expertise and advice to client executives regarding implementation of operational improvements, system process changes, and actionable solutions to businesses on complex technical accounting matters.

  • Provided financial modeling to client C-Suite to assess impact of operational decisions. 
  • Initiated and implemented changes to quarterly internal procedures to enhance productivity; reduced the quarterly close timing from 11 days to 4 days.

  • Developed policy changes to contracting process resulting in $7M quality of earnings increase

  • Led standard setting projects on revenue arrangements with multiple deliverables, applicability of AICPA Statement of Position 97-2 to certain arrangements that include software elements and measuring liabilities at fair value. 

  • Analyzed highly technical and complex accounting issues and developed proposals taking into account the needs of users, GAAP and implementation and cost/benefit issues. 


  • Formulated client’s response to an income statement misclassification, led discussions with external auditors and recommended solution to avoid restatement. 
  • Developed and implemented policy changes that resulted in an estimated $18M increase to annual revenue. 
  • Managed client’s ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, assessment and implementation. 

  • Gathered information relevant to the Standard’s impact on financial accounting and reporting, business processes, internal controls, systems, and data.

  • Provided analysis of current and future state with recommendations for system and process changes to accurately apply the new standard.