Strategic Consulting

Align people, processes, and systems to enhance value
Value Enhancement


Execution of strategic initiatives to allow leaders to stay above the details

Coordinating and executing strategic initiatives throughout the organization

Evaluate and implement “return on working capital” philosophy for all cash flows

Evaluate and implement “customer experience-focused” philosophy for all departments

Evaluate cost of growth potential of existing, new & potential acquirable business units

People Alignment


Workforce planning, retention, and attrition required to align business needs and financial requirements

Evaluate workforce’s ability to support organizational needs and financial requirements

Prepare and execute reduction activities on behalf of the organization

Immediate creation of full departments, including processes and management

Process Improvement


Evaluation and improvement to ensure predictable outcomes of organizational processes

Ensure long-term change adoption through communication, training, and accountability

Evaluation and improvement of P2P to ensure predictable outcomes of processes

System Transformation


Evaluation, implementation, and improvement of systems to ensure predictable outcomes of organizational processes

Evaluation, identification, and alignment of business needs with system capabilities

Program management and coordination of system implementation, maintenance, and administration

Establishing intelligence storage, access, and analysis to support organization needs

Project Leadership

Strategic Consulting Case Studies